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A song that calls out Probably you can hear it An enigmatic love Will just make its way through this song Waiting in the sky Peeking through the clouds Behind the stars Just one glance, Darna Ding really is fortunate You are always with him If I was him, I'd have courted you already Will you ever notice when you have a lot at hand If everyone else is my rival, will I ever have the chance to know you? Footsie] OK, listen up, that's nuttin' to me Big boy beats, that's nuttin' to me Big man bars, that's nuttin' to me Cuh I go hard, it's nuttin' to me If I ain't onstage, there's nuttin' to see There's no point in hyping NG hat with the yellow piping Bunning it down whilst I'm writing Mental I've got bare greens like lentils Man'll get punched up all in his dental Drag man out of his rental, peak Look, if you're gonna roll with the farrda You're gonna have one mental week Your mentality's gotta be strong Nah, cuzzy, it can't be weak [Hook: